Do you know any interesting opensim regions?

A recent post by Han Held on Google Plus reminded me of the fact that folks in SL often don’t know what OpenSim is all about, and that it can be hard to explain openSim’s attraction to people who’ve never spent time in OpenSim worlds or maybe just made a cursory visit.

One way to educate them is to show some interesting locations and activities in OpenSim worlds, both in open grids that can be visited on the HyperGrid and in closed worlds. I’d like to start highlighting them in this blog. If you know of OpenSim locations I could write about, please tell me about them. There are three ways you can reach me:

  1. Reply to this post
  2. Use the contact form on my personal website,
  3. In Second Life, give a notecard to Apollo Manga.  Don’t IM me.  My IM’s frequently get capped.

A lot of people in SL seem to think that being involved in OpenSim means leaving Second Life  It doesn’t.  I have my own HyperGrid-enabled OpenSim grid, but I also own land in Second Life.  I love both, as do many others who have ventured out from Second Life to OpenSim worlds.

If you have ideas about good places for me to write about and photograph, please tell me about them so I can share them with others.