Burn 2 – what a disappointment!

What a disappointment!  You wait a year to see The Man burn in Burn 2 in Second Life, only to see a black void while others can see it and be part of it with no problem!

What went wrong?  I have no idea.  Some people could see the Man burn and could add logs to the blaze, while others like me couldn’t see or enter the sim.  This picture shows what it looked like for me.

Unable to see The Man burn
Man was burning out there somewhere, but many of us couldn't see him

I was using two computers, but had the same problem on both.  I tried three different avatars and five Second Life viewers (Phoenix, Imprudence, Firestorm, SL Viewer 3, and Kirstens), but all had the same problem.  I couldn’t see anything.  I don’t know whether the problem was the fault of Linden Lab or of the Burn 2 organization, or just a glitch in the matrix, but whatever it was, it was extremely frustrating to those of us who love this event and look forward to it every year.

There will be one more Man Burn in a couple hours, at 3:30am PST/SLT.  I expect that I’ll be asleep then.

The Temple Burn is tomorrow.  It’s my favorite event of Burn 2, even more than the Man Burn.  I hope it goes better than today.

The Temple is scheduled to burn at 11:30am PST/SLT Sunday, 3:30pm PST/SLT Sunday, and 3:30am PST/SLT Sunday.  Second Life members can teleport to The Man at slurl.com/secondlife/Burning%20Man-%20Black%20Rock/234/41/25 and to the Temple at slurl.com/secondlife/Burning%20Man-%20Black%20Rock/216/198/25 .